“Samsung to Invest $230 Billion in Building Massive Semiconductor Cluster in South Korea, Boosting Global Position and Creating Thousands of Jobs”

Samsung, one of South Korea’s largest companies, has announced plans to invest $230 billion in building a semiconductor cluster in the country. The company intends to build five new semiconductor manufacturing plants in Pyeongtaek, South Korea to strengthen its position in the global semiconductor market. The goal of this massive investment is to achieve Samsung’s target of $40 billion in global semiconductor sales within the next decade. The huge investment is expected to increase Samsung’s semiconductor production capacity and create thousands of new job opportunities for the South Korean economy.

This plan is part of Samsung’s new round of semiconductor expansion, which aims to expand its share of the global semiconductor market. Currently, Samsung Electronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor producers, accounting for nearly 20% of global chip sales. However, the company faces increasingly fierce competition from rivals such as TSMC and Intel.

The South Korean government is also actively supporting this plan and has stated that it will provide Samsung with relevant support and resources. In addition, the government hopes that this move will enhance South Korea’s position in the global semiconductor market and become one of the leaders in the global semiconductor industry.

Overall, Samsung plans to invest tens of billions of dollars in the semiconductor field in the next few years to maintain its leading position in the global market and continue to drive technological progress. These investments will strengthen Samsung’s position in the semiconductor manufacturing field and inject new vitality into the South Korean economy.

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